Bridging the Digital Skills Gap: DigiAdvance at SIF23

DigiAdvance, the innovative EU project aiming to propel digital skills into the future, was presented at the Skillman International Forum 2023 (SIF 2023). This event, organized by, has been a beacon in the field of education and training since its inception in 2014., launched in 2014 and backed by European Commission support in 2015, has evolved into the largest EU multilateral network that addresses skills needs and training practices. Their expertise is grounded in a well-organized information system, making them a crucial player.

This year’s SIF 2023, held in the city of Riga, Latvia, from September 26 to 27, was particularly special as it was part of the European Year of Skills and focused on the power of global networking in co-creating shared knowledge. The event addressed emerging megatrends that will shape our future society, emphasizing the crucial role of qualifications and microcredentials in meeting the ever-evolving skills demands.

In this dynamic environment, Marjorie Grassler, the EU Project Manager behind DigiAdvance, had the opportunity to present the project alongside other European initiatives dedicated to skills development. Marjorie’s presentation not only proved the significance of DigiAdvance but also highlighted the project’s initiatives and commitment to shaping the future of digital skills for SMEs in Europe.  

The forum went beyond the global perspective, delving into local responses to these global trends. It placed a special emphasis on green and digital transitions, exploring innovative approaches from various angles, all while keeping the needs of active citizenship in mind. In a rapidly changing world, events like SIF 2023 remind us of the importance of collective efforts in shaping a brighter, more skillful future.