Calling all Employees of European SMEs! Shape The Future of Your Digital Skills with DigiAdvance

DigiAdvance, our new EU-funded project, is on a mission to empower the employees of European SMEs by addressing the digital skills gaps that they face. We are now extending a special invitation to you, the backbone of these enterprises – the employees – to take part in our important research phase! 

Your Voice Matters in Shaping DigiAdvance’s Courses 

In collaboration with the University of Aveiro‘s Labour Observatory Team, DigiAdvance has crafted a survey designed exclusively for SME employees. This survey serves as a direct channel for you to share your insights and needs regarding digital skills. By participating, you contribute to the development of 40+ industry-informed, demand-driven courses tailored to meet your specific requirements. 

The DigiAdvance Project: A Catalyst for Digital Transformation 

Currently in its research phase, the DigiAdvance project is actively listening to the diverse needs of European SMEs, and your input is crucial. The survey, meticulously developed with our partners, will play a pivotal role in assessing the digital skills landscape within SMEs. This insight will guide the creation of training programmes that go beyond expectations. 

Take just 12 minutes of your time to complete the survey here and become a driving force in shaping the digital future of European SMEs. 

Benefits of Participating: Your Say, Your Courses 

By participating in the survey, you ensure that your voice is heard, directly influencing the development of courses that align with your digital skills needs. This means the upcoming DigiAdvance courses will not only meet but exceed your expectations. Your contribution ensures that the courses are finely tuned to your requirements, making them more valuable and relevant to your professional growth. 

DigiAdvance Courses: Coming in 2024 

In 2024, DigiAdvance will unveil its first set of courses, ranging from 25 hours to 6 months in duration. These certified courses cover a spectrum of topics, including Financial Innovation and Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics & Machine Learning, and Digital Marketing & Web Development. 

The courses are designed to be flexible, offered in local languages where possible, and aligned with national and European standards. Upon completion, you’ll receive certificates, with options to earn credits from the awarding institutions. 

About DigiAdvance: Paving the Way for SMEs 

As businesses worldwide embrace digital transformation, the European Commission reports that 77% of EU companies face challenges in recruiting skilled workers. DigiAdvance, co-funded by the European Commission and led by Dublin City University, addresses this issue head-on. Over the next three years, our project aims to create around 40 low-cost, certified, and demand-driven courses for SMEs and their employees. 

Join us in shaping Europe’s digital future! Participate in the survey today and stay tuned for the launch of DigiAdvance’s courses in 2024. Your involvement is key to paving the way for a digitally skilled and empowered workforce!