DigiAdvance consortium meeting at Dublin City University

DigiAdvance consortium members met at Dublin City University last February to discuss the progress of the project and to participate in the DigiAdvance Accelerator Workshop.

In February, Dublin City University hosted a pivotal gathering of the DigiAdvance consortium, marking a significant milestone in the project’s trajectory. The meeting served as a platform for consortium members to deliberate on the project’s progress and actively engage in the DigiAdvance Accelerator Workshop, focusing on practical strategies for enhancing digital skills among SMEs. 

Central to the discussions was the DigiAdvance survey, designed to assess the digital skills gap prevalent among SME managers and employees. Through this survey, DigiAdvance aims to gather nuanced insights that will inform the development of tailored training programs, addressing the specific needs identified within the SME community. 

Looking ahead to 2024, DigiAdvance is poised to unveil its inaugural suite of courses, catering to a diverse range of digital competencies. These courses, meticulously curated and spanning durations from 25 hours to 6 months, encompass topics such as Financial Innovation and Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics & Machine Learning, and Digital Marketing & Web Development. 

DigiAdvance’s commitment to accessibility is underscored by its provision of courses in local languages where feasible, alongside alignment with both national and European standards. Upon completion, participants will receive certificates, with the option to earn credits from recognized institutions, ensuring the credibility and applicability of acquired skills within professional settings. 

In conjunction with the DigiAdvance consortium meeting, the DigiAdvance Accelerator Workshop brought together industry experts and consortium partners for insightful discussions and networking opportunities. Highlights included humorous insights on food waste and digital solutions by Eric Weaver, CEO of Transparent Path, and a futuristic outlook on last-mile delivery by Bobby Healy, CEO of Manna Aero. Alistair Croll, author of ‘Lean Analytics,’ provided valuable perspectives on lean methodologies. The workshop also featured Kathy Taylor, Dean of the Collins College of Business, and a panel discussion on emerging trends and challenges in the digital landscape. 

For those eager to embark on their digital upskilling journey, DigiAdvance provides a pathway to proficiency. Stay updated with developments through our social media channels and blog, where updates on course creation and releases will be regularly communicated.  

Whether you’re a founder or employee of an SME, your participation in the DigiAdvance survey is instrumental in shaping the future of digital education initiatives tailored to meet industry demands.