DigiAdvance is presented in Portugal in a public session!

DigiAdvance, our new EU-funded project, is on a mission to empower the employees of European SMEs by addressing the digital skills gaps that they face. Our partners are already holding events to share this message far and wide, including in Portugal!

On December 6, as part of the DigiAdvance Project, Inova-Ria and Universiade de Aveiro, two of the entities that are part of the project’s Consortium, held a public session to present and promote the project to entrepreneurs, managers and decision-makers whose activities are part of the ecosystem of the ICT sector in Portugal.

The event took place at Quinta do Louredo and was attended by 44 companies. 

At this public session, in addition to promoting the project and carrying out a strategic analysis of the sector, the project’s survey was promoted. This survey will be a key component in understanding the current state of digital skills in SMEs and will pave the way for customized training programmes designed to fill the existing gaps.

Inova-Ria has already reinforced to its ecosystem the response of entrepreneurs/managers/decision-makers to DigiAdvance’s survey, and has also requested that the questionnaire template be shared with employees in order to absorb their more direct training needs.

Join us in shaping Europe’s digital future! Participate in the survey today and stay tuned for the launch of DigiAdvance’s courses in 2024. Your involvement is key to paving the way for a digitally skilled and empowered workforce!